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About Us

NearbyMedic Services

Easy setup

Our signup process is easy and HIPAA compliant. Enter your medical info or sync data from your health apps.


Access all your medical records, anywhere. You can also schedule, pay, and book doctors in your locale.

Medic Connect

Talk directly to doctors. You can bargain prices, message them directly, or even do telemedicine appointments!

Dedicated support

We are here to help. We have our Nearby Narwhal chatbot assistant on the app, as well FAQ's and customer service.


Learn more about NearbyMedic's Features

Medical Management

Manage access to your medical data and 3rd-party integrations like apple watch.

NearbyMedic Messages

Chat directly with doctors and get immediate turnarounds on pricing and medical delivery.

Nearby Friends

You can locate your friends in case of a disaster, or upload your location before you go offline.

Bargain and Barter

Users can find alternative methods to insurance, such as paying doctors directly or bartering prices.


Schedule out your appointments months in advance, or book one immediately based on location, gender, pricing and more.


Get your doctor invoices right through the app. Pay immediately or on the invoice date using paypal, apple and samsung pay, credit cards, bitcoin, and much more.


Have access to your medical documents and records 100% of the time. Maintain records, invoices, x-rays, prescriptions all right through the app.


Our friendly mascot NearbyNarwhal will be there to find you the most affordable, accessible, and efficient doctors in your area. He'll also help you around the app when you get stuck!


Using our built in HIPAA compliant telemedicine app, feel free to connect with doctors anywhere in the world, no matter where you are.

And much more!

Sign up for our beta soon to test more features.


Read What's The People Are Saying About Us

“I love NearbyMedic, I highly recommend it, Everyone Try It Now”

- Krin Fox

“NearbyMedic Is The Best Stable, Fast App I Have Ever Experienced”

- Theodore Willis

“Keep It Up Guys Your Work Rules, Cheers :)”

- Ricky Grant


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Alert/Disaster Dashboard

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Medical Records



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Apps will be available for Beta testing Spring 2018!


For more info and support, contact us!

1234, NearbyMedic street, California, USA

+1 234 567890