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Flexible Healthcare

By being a registered NearbyMedic Professional, the entire user base has access to you and your medical skills. Then, you are able to help them wherever, and whenever you want. The cool thing? As a medical contractor, you can set your own local prices, which are valued against a fair average price and rating index for that area so that customers know they are getting a good solution from you. The better of a Medic you are, the better your rates of services and incoming clients.  

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Seamless User/Client Integration

The NearbyMedic app integrates your electronic health records, scheduling, and payment all within the cloud, accessible through iOS, Android and as a Web app. Everything is transparent and documented with you and your medical professionals. Real time automation and appointment tracking details all records down to the very last letter. Forget pushing paper and filing folders!

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Real-Time Tracking and Automation

Dont stay in the dark knowing when your medic is going to arrive, or how long you have to wait at the doctor’s office. All appointments will be live tracked through our software, showing exact dates of paperwork, what the paperwork is, and your estimated remaining time of the medical service at all stages of delivery. 

  • "We want to be able to provide complete transparency and automation at all aspects of the NearbyMedic app. Preset medical form templates and high-speed audio dictation can handle all electronic record documentation and delivery in an instant.
    Azraf Ullah, NearbyMedic CEO
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WatchOS and AndroidWear Integration

Sync your emergency alerts, payment and scheduling with our WatchOS and AndroidWear integration. Never have to worry about medical professionals fumbling with your data while you’re in a predicament, as your allergy lists, blood type, and medical information will be automatically pushed to authorized and verified NearbyMedic EMT’s. 

Cross-Platform Compatibility

No need to worry about whether your data is only saved on the app, with some of our basic and premium services you are able to save all your electronic health records and data securely and safely on our cloud, and will be able to access it on either iOS, Android, Windows, MacOSX or on the web. 

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Explore App Features:


All appointments and paperwork are automatically tracked for you, so you know when to submit any forms, how long you have to wait at the office or at your emergency site, and whether you need to authorize any specific treatments. 


All electronic records are stored on our secure, state of the art cloud based servers. Information will only be shared to the NearbyMedic’s that have only previously assisted you and you are in control of who to share it with from that point forwards. Since Medics also have access to your data, it can assist them in providing quality medical service with your authorization preferences. 


Uninsured, insured, not sure? With NearbyMedic you have a myriad of options to pay for your medical service. We use global and local fair rating and average price indexes to significantly lower costs for our patients, while we drive demand and greater participation for our Nearby Medics. 


We are currently in the process of securing partnerships nationally and globally to allow pharmacies to communicate to medics directly through the app, and then have the details, pickup, and payment all integrated and scheduled right after your appointment. We hope to make headway in this feature between 2019 and 2020. 

Get The

NearbyMedic app in Fall


Currently we are piloting and getting to ready to test our app in several markets before we deploy globally, but please feel free to sign up for our newsletter and apply to be NearbyMedic medical consultant in the meantime so that we can speed up your process.